The NSDA September ’07 Soboba Casino event is now in the record books. Winners in the top three categories were Dennis Rieck (Top Fuel), David Morton (Top Alcohol), and Jeff Mamer (Top Eliminator).

Top Fuel

Round 1

Left Lane – Dennis Rieck 2.510/127 WIN
#1 qualifer Rieck turns a clean 2.51 on his bye run.

Left Lane – John Cadzow NT-Broke
Right Lane – Charlie Brown Jr. 2.416/130 WIN
Cadzow was unable to fire his dragster allowing Brown to unload Low E.T. of the weekend on this pass.
Left Lane – Mike Peasley 2.659/146
Right Lane – Matt Ludlow 2.662/133 WIN
Matt uses a hole shot in his first event to take his first ever round win over Peasley.


Left Lane – Charlie Brown Jr. 2.712/102
Right Lane – Dennis Rieck 2.502/120 WIN
Ludlow could not make the second round call moving Top Fuel directly into the final round. Dennis made another consistent low 2.5 pass in the heat of the day while Charlie’s dragster moved around down track eventually taking down some cones and finish line sensors after lifting.

Top Alcohol


Left Lane
Gary Mink 2.660/134 WIN
Mink starts off eliminations with what would be Low E.T. of round one on a bye run.

Left Lane – Jim Hammond 2.796/119
Right Lane – David Morton 2.668 WIN
Morton makes another clean run to take the win over Hammond.

Left Lane – Richard Montiel 2.713/136 WIN
Right Lane – Dan Allen 2.758/143
”Top Dog” took the win in an extremely close race. Allen carried the front end through the top end and narrowly lost.

Left Lane – Shane Sanford NT-Broke
Right Lane – Nick Januik NT-Broke
Both Sanford and Januik broke before the start of eliminations. They did however came to the starting line in their fire suits and jackets to contest a foot race for the crowd. Januik dived across the finish line to take the bragging rights win.

Round 2

Left Lane – Richard Montiel 2.832/140
Right Lane – Gary Mink 2.698/138 WIN
Mink made another solid pass in the heat of the day to take the win over Montiel who had some spun the tires hard at the hit.

Left Lane – David Morton 2.822 WIN
Morton didn’t take it easy on the semi-final round bye and ran 2.82.


Left Lane – David Morton 2.618/141 WIN
Right Lane – Gary Mink 2.697 RL
The final round was over on the starting line as Mink redlighted away the victory while on the other side Morton ran Low E.T. of eliminations with a pretty 2.61 pass.

Top Eliminator

Round 2

Left Lane – DL King 2.967
Right Lane – Taylor Brewer 2.960 WIN

Left Lane – Chris Adamson 2.940
Right Lane – Tim Martin 2.988 WIN

Left Lane – Jeff Mamer 2.953 WIN
Right Lane – Paul Graham 3.127 RL

Left Lane – Paul Taylor 3.019 WIN
Right Lane – Don Diffenbaugh 3.079

Round 3

Left Lane – Tim Martin 2.940
Right Lane – Taylor Brewer 3.003 RL

Left Lane – Jeff Mamer 3.052 WIN
Right Lane – Paul Taylor 3.084


Left Lane – Jeff Mamer 3.002 WIN
Right Lane – Tim Martin 2.967

Pro 1
1st- Lori Ketron
2nd- Geoff Gill
3rd-Steve DeNunzio

Pro 2
1st- Steve Anthony
2nd- Manuel Covarubias
3rd- Larry Brown

Pro 3
1st- April Elliott
2nd- Ernesto Covarubias
3rd- Brent Rieck

Motorcycle Pro 1
1st- Jaclyn Wehier
2nd- Ryan Winkle
3rd- Tom Hanrahan
3rd- Bob Sechi

Motorcycle Pro 2
1st- Randy Mings
2nd- Bo Crossland
3rd- Joey Weaver
3rd- Mike Hale


Top Fuel

Qualifying Order

1. Dennis Rieck 2.467
2. Charlie Brown Jr. 2.512
3. Mike Peasley 2.589
4. Matt Ludlow 2.646
5. John Cadzow 3.290

Run Notes

Qualifying Session 3

Left Lane - Mike Peasley runs 2.693/152; Best Previous 2.589
Right Lane – Charlie Brown Jr. runs 2.512; Best Previous 2.515  
Charlie makes a clean hit and improves by a couple thousandths. Peasley struggled at the hit, but was able to card a nice speed of 152.

Right Lane – Dennis Rieck runs 2.508/150; Best Previous 2.467
Dennis makes a straight and strong run in the heat of the day which would be Low E.T. of the session.

Left Lane – Matt Ludlow runs 3.436/60; Best Previous 4.583
Ludlow improves again on a 100’ clean pass in his new dragster.

Qualifying Session 4

Left Lane –. Dennis Rieck 3.000/92; Best Previous 2.467
Right Lane – Charlie Brown Jr. 3.395; Best Previous 2.512
Rieck holds on to the top spot despite shutting off early after drifting left. Brown’s car hooked hard right causing him to click off early just past 60’.

Right Lane – Matt Ludlow runs 2.646/135; Best Previous 3.436
Matt makes a strong first full pass in the “Coldwater Kid” dragster moving him up to the #4 spot and into a first round matchup with Mike Peasley

Round 1 Pairings
Dennis Rieck Bye
Charlie Brown vs. John Cadzow
Mike Peasley vs. Matt Ludlow

Top Alcohol

Qualifying Order
1. Gary Mink 2.599
2. David Morton 2.601
3. Nick Januik 2.604
4. Dan Allen 2.635
5. Richard Montiel 2.637
6. Shane Sanford 2.669
7. Jim Hammond 2.856

Run Notes

Qualifying Session #3

Left Lane – Jim Hammond runs 2.856/118; Best Previous 2.887
Right Lane – Richard Montiel runs 2.637/115; Best Previous 2.818
Montiel improves greatly despite shutting off slightly early while Hammond improves on his best run of the weekend by .03.

Left Lane – Dan Allen runs 2.635/135; Best Previous 3.523
Right Lane – Shane Sanford 2.741/137; Best Previous 2.669
Dan drove through some monster tire shake after a 1.08 60’ and launched into a huge wheelstand tripping the finish lights with the rear tires. On the other side Sanford ran 2.74, however his weekend would end with sever motor breakage. As a side note, Allen Racing would like to thank Sanford and the Frederosa team for the use of a set of front tires for this race.  

Left Lane – David Morton runs 2.601/142; Best Previous 3.565
Right Lane – Nick Januik 2.604/142; Best Previous 2.745
This pair headed straight ton the top two positions. Morton ran a clean 2.60 pass while Januik had the front end way up in the air on his way to the #2 spot.  

Qualifying Session #4

Left Lane – Gary Mink runs 2.599/137; Best Previous 2.627
Right Lane – Nick Januik 2.631; Best Previous 2.604
Gary regained his top qualifying spot with a straight, clean 2.59. Januik was on a great pass before having some issues on the top end to slow him down slightly.

Left Lane – Dan Allen runs 2.659; Best Previous 2.635
Right Lane – Richard Montiel 2.909; Best Previous 2.637
Allen spun the tires hard at the hit and just missed his low E.T. of the weekend by .02 while Montiel had some problems forcing him to shut off early.

Left Lane – Jim Hammond 2.869/117; Best Previous 2.856
Hammond made another clean pass in the “April’s Dream” dragster.

Round 1 Pairings
Gary Mink Bye
Dan Allen vs. Richard Montiel
David Morton vs. Jim Hammond
Nick Januik vs. Shane Sanford

Top Eliminator

Round 1

Left Lane – DL King 4.005 WIN
Right Lane – Lori Ketron NT
Lori’s “Miss Conduct” dragster could not start on time giving DL a single into round two.

Left Lane – Rick Morris 2.933
Right Lane – Taylor Brewer 3.006 WIN
Rick Morris in the Heavy Metal Buggy went a little too fast handing the win to Taylor Brewer.

Left Lane – Tim Martin 2.977 WIN
Right Lane – Mike Erwin 3.091
Tim Martin advanced to round two with a nice .02 over 2.97 against Erwin’s game effort 3.09 pass.

Left Lane – Chris Adamson 2.967 WIN
Right Lane – Tiffany Januik 3.371
Adamson ran .017 off the Index to take the win over Januik who pedaled to an entertaining 3.37.

Left Lane – Jeff Mamer 2.983 WIN
Right Lane – Glen Hickey 3.290
Mamer made a nice 250’ pass to put the Sidewinder into round two.

Left Lane – Paul Graham 3.080 WIN
Right Lane – Paul Price NT
Price did not show for round one handing Graham an easy single run.

Left Lane – Paul Taylor 3.010 WIN
Right Lane – Larry Snow NT-DQ
Larry Snow gave us quite a scare when an apparent broken axle sent him towards the center and after a quick pedal job he narrowly avoided the 60’ foot clocks as he crossed into Taylor’s lane. Luckily, Paul was long gone by then and headed to round two.

Left Lane – Jim Williams 9.064
Right Lane – Don Diffenbaugh 3.076
Don ran a solid 3.07 to defeat Williams whose “Wild American” appeared to have suffered some sort of driveline failure.

Final Qualifying Order
1. DL King 2.957
2. Jeff Mamer 2.993
3. Paul Taylor 2.999
4. Tim Martin 3.015
5. Chris Adamson 3.016
6. Jim Williams 3.018
7. Paul Graham 3.032
8. Rick Morris 3.044
9. Taylor Brewer 3.054
10. Paul Price 3.073
11. Don Diffenbaugh 3.094
12. Tiffany Januik 3.147
13. Mike Erwin 3.150
14. Larry Snow 3.158
15. Glen Hickey 3.276
16. Lori Ketron 3.345
17. Darrell Cypert 8.596

Pro Mod
1st-Francisco Anaya
2nd-Larry Minor

Pro Index
1st-Justin Adamson
2nd-Jorge Covarubias
3rd-Wes Gilmore
3rd-Wes Johnson

Sportsman 1
1st-Matt Springer
2nd-Jorge Covarubias
3rd-Phil Soper

Sportsman 2
1st-Steve Perkio
2nd-Bill Mitchell
3rd-Nick Young

Motorcycle Sportsman 1
1st-Ian Brown
3rd-Bob Sechl

Motorcycle Sportsman 2
1st-Randy Mings
3rd-George Amos
3rd-Charles Owens


Top Fuel

Dennis Rieck topped the Top Fuel class after two sessions with a 2.467 pass in the night round. Dennis was followed by Charlie Brown Jr. with a 2.515.

Qualifying Order
1. Dennis Rieck 2.467
2. Charlie Brown Jr. 2.515
3. Mike Peasley 2.589
4. John Cadzow 3.290
5. Matt Ludlow 4.583

Run Notes
Qualifying Session

Left Lane - Mike Peasley / 2.589 – 139mph.
Mike with his first pass of the weeked in the Leggitt Engines Dragster hikes the front end up and pedals at half track, but set a good benchmark for the rest of the class.

Right Lane – John Cadzow 3.290 – 76mph.
John is debuting a brand new dragster, and made a nice half pass to start his Top Fuel career.

Qualifying Session 2

Right Lane – Charlie Brown Jr. 2.515 – 155mph.
Left Lane – John Cadzow NT Redlight.
John had some problems staging on the line and rolled the beams lifting after another clean half pass. Charlie made a veteran move and waited for the tree to activate before laying down a nice 2.51 pass to take the top spot for the time being.

Right Lane – Mike Peasley 3.382
Left Lane – Dennis Rieck 2.467 – 127mph.
Peasley was on a nice pass before he had to lift at half track while Rieck was heading down the track to the top spot at a 2.46. Rieck’s pass was clean lifting just a bit early.

Left Lane – Matt Ludlow
Right Lane – Single
Ludlow is debuting another brand new nitro burning Top Fuel dragster. The “Coldwater Kid” entry shut off at 60’ coasting to a 4.44.

Top Alcohol

Gary Mink topped the Top Alcohol class with a 2.627 in the afternoon session. Points leader Shane Sanford started off the weekend with a solid 2.669 with Nick Januik and Richard Montiel rounding out the top half of the field.

Qualifying Order
1. Gary Mink 2.627
2. Shane Sanford 2.669
3. Nick Januik 2.745
4. Richard Montiel 2.818
5. Jim Hammond 2.887
6. Dan Allen 3.523
7. David Morton 3.565

Run Notes
Qualifying Session #

Right Lane – Shane Sanford 2.669 – 111mph.
Left Lane – David Morton 3.887
Points leader Sanford opened with a solid lap shutting off slightly early to a 2.66 while Morton had lots of trouble and had to click it off early.

Right Lane – Nick Januik 2.745 – 100mph.
Left Lane – Gary Mink 2.627 – 125mph.
Gary took over the top spot with a spotless 2.62 while Januik made a strong opening run of 2.74.

Left Lane – Jim Hammond – 3.017 – 103mph.
Jim Hammond carded the best 60’ of the round with a 1.04, however fell off on the top end to land in the #4 spot after the first round.

Qualifying Session #2

Left Lane – Nick Januik NT Broke
Right Lane – Dan Allen 3.523
Nick had problems on the starting line forcing him to shut off after taking the green while Dan Allen experienced severe tire shake before coasting to a 3.52.

Left Lane – David Morton 3.565
Right Lane – Richard Montiel 2.818
Montiel had an amazing save after getting the car extremely sideways at half track and coasting to a 2.81 while Morton rolled the beams and shut off early.

Right Lane – Jim Hammond 2.887 – 127mph.
Left Lane – Shane Sanford 2.699 – 142mph.
Shane set Low E.T. of the final session with a 2.69 despite the clutch pulling him through the beams some before take off knocking a few hundredths off the E.T,

Right Lane – Gary Mink 3.584
Gary’s dragster got sideways at 60’ forcing him to lift, however he stays #1 qualifier heading into Saturday.

Top Eliminator
Qualifying Order
1. DL King 2.957
2. Paul Taylor 2.999
3. Chris Adamson 3.016
4. Paul Graham 3.032
5. Rick Morris 3.044
6. Paul Price 3.073
7. Don Diffenbaugh 3.094
8. Tiffany Januik 3.147
9. Larry Snow 3.158
10. Jim Williams 3.173
11. Glen Hickey 3.276
12. Lori Ketron 3.345
13. Tim Martin 3.661
14. Darrell Cypert NT

Pro Bonus Class
1st-Lori Ketron
2nd-Tommy Zavala

Sportsman Bonus Class
1st-Carl Jennings
2nd-Nick Young


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