2014 December


Thanksgiving has just come and gone, which means it’s that time of the year for “The Editor” to throw some end of the year thoughts out there. Going through my notes here, I just realized this wraps up the Eighth season of NSDN sand drag racing coverage. That to me is absolutely mind boggling. It brings me to think about all of the miles traveled, flight delays, long days at the track, and insane weather endured. The stories I could write about would fill a novel, but we’ll leave some of those for another day. But in the end, it is the great folks in the sport that keep me going. I’m honored to bring the service NSDN does to the good folks of the sport for the past eight years and into the future.

One of the biggest questions I have gotten over the past few weeks has been when and where are races happening in 2015. At this point, there haven’t been many schedules released. The folks at Avenal Sand Drags in Avenal, CA and Southern California Sand Drag Association (SCSDA) hosting races in Victorville, CA have released their schedules listed below. If you would like your organization’s race schedule and info posted on NSDN, send your info to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2015 California Race Schedule

March 20-22 - Victorville, CA - SCSDA - www.SoCalSandDrags.com
April 25-26 - Avenal, CA - www.AvenalSandDrags.com
May 15-17 - Victorville, CA - SCSDA - www.SoCalSandDrags.com
October 2-4 - Victorville, CA - SCSDA - www.SoCalSandDrags.com
October 10-11 - Avenal, CA - www.AvenalSandDrags.com
November 6-8 - Victorville, CA - SCSDA - www.SoCalSandDrags.com

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