2011 December

lead.jpgJust in time for Christmas, here is the final installment of the 2011 Best Runs series. I would like to thank all of the race tracks & organizations that either submitted or allowed us to track the numbers from their race events. In 2011, the Fuelers were thundering all season putting on great shows at each event. The field was wide open most of the season and led to some awesome racing. Let’s take a look at the Best Runs for Top Fuel in 2011.

The 2012 NSRA Quality Aircraft Car Sand Times Drag Racing Series welcomes Good Vibrations Motorsports on board as a sponsor of the race series in the upcoming season. Good Vibrations will be the sponsor of the new Top Eliminator Qualifying Bonus award. The #1 qualifier in the Top Eliminator class at all eight NSRA point series events will receive a $200 certificate from Good Vibrations Motorsports. Good Vibrations specializes in Supercharged & Mechanical Fuel Injection applications as well as stocking a large selection of gaskets, fittings, safety equipment, and race accessories. For more info, visit the Good Vibrations Motorsports web site.

Also, the funding has been fully secured for the Pro Bracket classes funding for the 2012 NSRA point series. Spots are still available to come on board with the points fund for Top Fuel, Top Alcohol, Top Eliminator, and Fast Fours. For anyone interested in sponsoring the series, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Harland Sieg, the founder of Thunder Valley Sand Drags in Grain Valley, MO has passed away. Harland along with his sons Jeff and Stacy opened the track around 20 years ago and it is still going strong with Jeff & Stacey taking over operation of the facility in recent years. Harland was also a fixture at the bigger Midwest events crewing for Jeff & Stacey’s Blown Alcohol Dragsters. NSDN sends our condolences to Freda, Jeff, Stacey, Tricia, the entire Sieg Family, and the Thunder Valley Sand Drags community.
lead.jpgThe Top Alcohol class was once again pushed their performance barriers down in 2011. These guys put on a great show at each event with these high RPM, methanol burning machines. 2011 saw the limits of this combination pushed. The data for Best Runs used is from events that we attended or the info was submitted to us. Let’s take a look at the 2011 Best Runs in Top Alcohol.

lead.jpgOne of the biggest stories in sand drag racing this season was the resurgence of the Fast Fours/A-Fuel category. The turbocharged four-cylinder dragster class had a great turnout for all of the NSRA point series races with a highly competitive field pushing the performance standards of the class. Let’s look at the Best Runs in A/Fuel for 2011.

dumont12lead.jpgThe Las Vegas Jeep Club will be holding their 40th Anniversary Jeep Jamboree at the Dumont Dunes on February 17-19. Several Pioneers of this event will be on hand to celebrate the 40th edition. Saturday will feature the Hill Climb portion of the event while the Sand Drags will be held on Sunday. NSDN is planning on making it to this event for the first time to cover the action. View the PDF file below for some Racer/Sponsor Info & click “Read More” to view the Event Flyer.

40th Anniversary Jeep Jamboree Newsletter

The 2012 NSRA Quality Aircraft Car Sand Times Drag Racing Series has announced a proposed point series payout for the 8 race series. Currently the Pro 1, Pro 3, and MP2 classes are fully funded, and additional funding is being sought out for the remaining classes. Here is the proposed point series payout chart. *Update: MP1 is now fully funded* (12-15-11)

Pro 1 - 1st $1000 / 2nd $500
Pro 2 - 1st $1000 / 2nd $500
Pro 3 - 1st $700 / 2nd $300
MP1 - 1st $500 / 2nd $250
MP2 - 1st 350 / 2nd $200
TF - $5000 Winner Take All
TA - $3000 Winner Take All
TE - 1st $2000 / 2nd $1000
FF - 1st $2000 / 2nd $1000

For anyone interested in sponsoring the series, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The sponsor will get their race team or company name on the end of the season plaque. Each sponsor may cover one class, first or second place total. The goal is for funding to be in place shortly after the New Year.

Also, a note for the 2011 NSRA point series first and second place winners, the plaques will be at the Dome Valley February race and handed out on February 3.
lead.jpgMoving onward with the Best Runs of 2011 series, we take a look at the season that was in the Top Eliminator category. The goal in this class is to run 2.950 exactly. Racers across the country enjoy the competition in this category, and it makes for some great wheel-to-wheel racing. Let’s take a look at who ran the closest to the 2.950 target in 2011.

lead.jpgIt is that time of the year once again; as we go through the Best Runs of the 2011 sand drag racing season. Since NSDN has the data from most major events across the country; we are compiling the quickest ET’s in the Top Fuel, Top Alcohol, Fast Fours, and Pro Outlaw FE classes as well as the closest to the Index runs in Top Eliminator. The data used is from events that NSDN either attended or data was submitted to us. Let’s kick off the countdown with the Pro Outlaw FE category this year.

The Pro Outlaw FE class really came into its own in the 2011 sand drag racing season. Not only did the PTN series in the Midwest run this class, but the west coast adopted the same type of class at their events. The bar was raised in the ET department throughout the country in this wildly popular Front Engine category. Let’s take a look at the Best Runs of 2011 in Pro Outlaw FE.

tfshootout12lead.jpgDome Valley Raceway & Swag Racing has released the details on the upcoming 3rd Annual Top Fuel Showdown at the Wellton, AZ track. Links are listed below for the track Newsletter, Pre-Registration Form, and Event Schedule. For more information on this event, contact Mike at 928-941-0335, Tom at 231-206-8965, or Ernesto at 928-503-9675.

Dome Valley Raceway Newsletter
2012 Top Fuel Shootout Pre-Registration Form
2012 Top Fuel Shootout Event Schedule
Swag Racing and National Sand Drag News announce the 2012 Dome Valley Raceway Point Series. This series will consist of the three events in 2012 put on by Swag Racing at  Dome Valley Raceway; Feb 3-5, March 3-4, and October 20-21. The latest points and news regarding this series will be posted on NSDN. Keep an eye out for a new page on the site with the details regarding this series.

2012 Dome Valley Raceway Point Series
February 3-5
March 3-4
October 20-21
Quality Aircraft Care/Hammer Down Racing in association with the NSRA are announcing the 2012 NSRA Quality Aircraft Care Sand Times Point Series. This series will feature eight events in the southwest region. The racer's best six out of eight finishes will count towards the championship. Prize money is in the process of being secured, and announcements are to follow regarding this. Here are the race dates for this series.

2012 NSRA Quality Aircraft Care Sand Times Magazine Drag Racing Series
February 3-5 - Dome Valley Raceway (Wellton, AZ) - Top Fuel Shootout
March 3-4 - Dome Valley Raceway (Wellton, AZ) - March Madness
March 30-April 1 - Soboba Casino (San Jacinto, CA) - SCSDA
April 28-29 - Avenal Sand Drags (Avenal, CA) - Avenal Sand Drags
May 18-20 - Soboba Casino (San Jacinto, CA) - SCSDA
September 28-30 - Soboba Casino (San Jacinto, CA) - SCSDA
October 13-14 - Avenal Sand Drags (Avenal, CA) - Avenal Sand Drags
November 2-4 - Soboba Casino (San Jacinto, CA) - SCSDA

tbjeeplead11.jpgAs we round the corner into December, it is hard to believe that it is already time to wrap up the 2011 sand drag racing season. This being the fifth season of sand drag racing coverage for National Sand Drag News saw us cover nine Daily Race Coverage events as well as post up results and news from countless other events all across the country. I’m very thankful for all of the folks that contribute to NSDN in one way or another. It is great to see so many folks across the country passionate about the sport of sand drag racing.

lead.jpgDome Valley Raceway played host to an ATV event at the Wellton, AZ track in early November. Chuy Ortega and Swag Racing combined forces to put on this event that saw racers from as far away as Central California, Las Vegas, and even Puerto Rico show up to compete. Our friend Ruben Rodriguez of Crazy Photo Squad was on hand to take shots at this event. Let’s go through Ruben’s photos and recap this event.

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