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Terry Glasscock was the big winner during the final night of action at Thunder Valley Sand Drags 2010 Show-Me Fall Nationals. Glasscock defeated a tough eight car field & won the final round on a hole shot over Jeff Sieg. Bill White emerged victorious in an extremely competitive Pro 1 Cars class. Joey Hibdon made it a clean sweep of the ATV classes taking Pro 1, Pro 2, and Sportsman ATV class wins. Keep an eye out for more video from this event through the week.

Top Eliminator
1st-Terry Glasscock
2nd-Jeff Sieg
3rd-David Hauser

Top Eliminator Eliminations Sheet
Saturday Top Eliminator Highlight Video

Round One Eliminations
Terry Glasscock (W) 3.023 .022 def. Tim Hatfield 2.848 .283
David Hauser (W) 5.141 .464 def. jack Monroe NT-Stage Foul
Jeff Sieg (W) 2.958 .187 def. Trent Oldham 3.225 .285
Kenny Kapple NT-Broke Bye

Round Two Eliminations
Jeff Sieg (W) 2.916 .260 def. David Hauser 2.914 .272
Terry Glasscock (W) 7.850 1.365 Bye

Final Round Eliminations
Terry Glasscock 3.179 .001 def. Jeff Sieg 2.978 .253

Final Qualifying Order
1. Tim Hatfield 2.96
2. Jack Monroe 2.97
3. Trent Oldham 3.14
4. Kenny Kapple 3.54
5. Karen Hauser 4.00
6. Jeff Sieg 2.90
7. David Hauser 2.87
8. Terry Glasscock 2.85

Top Alcohol

Final Qualifying Order
1. John Moreland 2.76
2. Stacy Sieg 2.79
3. David Hauser 2.87

Top Alcohol Qualifying Highlight Video

Both Moreland & Sieg broke during qualifying, so no eliminations were contested in this class & David Hauser moved into Top Eliminator.

Pro 1 Cars
1st-Bill White
2nd-Ralph Keller

Pro 2 Cars
1st-Tony Hatfield

Pro 1 ATV
1st-Josh Hibdon

Pro 2 ATV
1st-Josh Hibdon
2nd-Luke Kates

Sportsman Cars
1st-Eric Denman

Sportsman ATV
1st-Josh Hibdon
2nd-Randall Dowell
3rd-Scott Brashears

1st-Jacob Perry

Pee Wees
1st-Dayton Dockins


Tim Hatfield was the night’s big winner during day one at Thunder Valley Sand Drags’ Show-Me Fall Nationals. Hatfield pushed through a tough 7 car field to take the win over first time TE competitor Trent Oldham in John Moreland’s Dragster. David Risher came out on top of the Pro 1 cars class defeating Brent Harper in the final round. Josh Hibdon was the big winner in the ATV classes, taking wins in both the Pro 2 ATV & Sportsman ATV classes while John Butler was the Pro 1 ATV champion. Racing kicks off at 11AM Saturday morning for the conclusion of this event.

Top Eliminator
1st-Tim Hatfield
2nd-Trent Oldham
3rd-Jack Monroe
3rd-Terry Glasscock

Friday Top Eliminator Eliminations Video
Friday Top Eliminator Eliminations Run Sheet

Round One Eliminations
Terry Glasscock (W) 3.279 .116 Bye
Tim Hatfield (W) 2.930 .141 def. Jeff Sieg 2.809 .213
Jack Monroe (W) 2.991 .580 def. David Hauser 2.940 .267
Trent Oldham (W) 3.201 .358 def. Kenny Kapple 3.396 .192

Round Two Eliminations
Tim Hatfield (W) 3.037 .016 def. Terry Glasscock 2.940 .041
Trent Oldham (W) 3.334 .130 def. Jack Monroe 2.925 .318

Final Round Eliminations
Tim Hatfield (W) 3.015 .006 def. Trent Oldham 3.251 .154

Final Qualifying Order
1. Terry Glasscock 3.01
2. David Hauser 3.08
3. Trent Oldham 3.17
4. Tim Hatfield 3.30
5. Jeff Sieg 3.52
6. Kenny Kapple 3.57
7. Jack Monroe 5.00

Top Alcohol
- John Moreland ran Low ET of the day with a 2.77/104mph pass.
- David Hauser is also here with the Lethal Threat TA Dragster.
- These guys will run eliminations on Saturday.

Friday Top Alcohol Highlight Video

Pro 1 Cars
1st-David Risher
2nd-Brent Harper
Pro 1 Cars Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro 1 ATV
1st-John Butler

Pro 2 ATV
1st-Josh Hibdon
2nd-Darren Dockins

Sportsman ATV
1st-Josh Hibdon
2nd-Darren Dockins


Thunder Valley Sand Drags in Grain Valley, Missouri is hosting the Show-Me Fall Nationals on October 1 & 2. NSDN will be on-site with coverage of this event. The event starts out with Test and Tune as well as Race 1 on Friday. Saturday will see the second full race on the weekend. Our normal NSDN Daily Race Coverage and Live Updates will kick off on Friday. Be sure to check the left sidebar for up to the minute updates from the track. This NSDN Daily Race Coverage is courtesy of Johnny Speed/Moreland Racing & Hauser Racing. Check back throughout the weekend for the latest from this event.

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