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Ionia Sand Drags put a cap to their 2010 season with the Double Header event Saturday. Pat Goodale stole the show in the Top Alcohol class running Low ET with a 2.53 in qualifying. Pat would back that up with a 2.54 in a final round defeat of Rob Scheytt. In Top Eliminator, the Ambs/Morgan team tore through both races & took home the TE class titles. Brian Ambs was dead-on throughout the first race, qualifying with a 2.97, then running a pair of great 3.01’s in eliminations. Ambs let son-in-law & co-crew chief Brian Morgan handle driving the Altered in Race Two. Morgan responded to the challenge running a best of 3.12 with a great .016 RT to take the final round win. These were also the final two events for the 2010 WMSD/ISD Point Series with Jim Brantley (Pro), Brad Adams (Pro ATV), John Schultz (Sportsman), and Shawn Roth (ATV) ended up as champions. *Run Sheets & Video are now online!!!*


Top Alcohol
1st-Pat Goodale
2nd-Rob Scheytt

Top Alcohol Qualifying & Eliminations Video
Top Alcohol Run Sheet

Top Alcohol Final Round
Pat Goodale (W) 2.548/132.64 .100 def. Rob Scheytt 2.685/127.92 .113

Final Qualifying Order
1. Pat Goodale 2.535/136.09
2. Rob Scheytt 2.689/128.16

Top Eliminator
1st-Brian Ambs
2nd-Brian McWethy
3rd-Nick Vanderputte
3rd-Ted Lirones

Top Eliminator Qualifying & Eliminations Video
Top Eliminator Run Sheet

Round One Eliminations
Brian Ambs (W) 3.012 .078 def. Ted Lirones 2.990 .168
Brian McWethy (W) 3.135 .109 def. Nick Vanderputte 3.282 .127

Final Round
Brian Ambs (W) 3.017 .035 def. Brian McWethy 3.082 .065

Final Qualifying Order
1. Brian Ambs 2.974
2. Brian McWethy 3.112
3. Nick Vanderputte 3.138
4. Ted Lirones 2.725

Quick 8
1st-Bob Ramlow
2nd-Dale Flaugher
3rd-Frank Martuscelli
3rd-Andy Villemure

Quick 8 Eliminations Video
Quick 8 Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro 1
1st-Jim Bailey
2nd-Dave Kramer
3rd-Jim Brantley

Pro 1 Eliminations Video *Semi-Finals & Finals*
Pro 1 Eliminations Run Sheet

1st-Matt Ewing
2nd-Brian McWethy
3rd-Josh Goodale
3rd-Jeff Foucha

Pro ATV Final Round Video
Pro ATV Eliminations Run Sheet

Quick 8 ATV
1st-Matt Ewing
2nd-Brian McWethy
3rd-Chad Louth
3rd-Josh Goodale

Quick 8 ATV Final Round Video
Quick 8 ATV Eliminations Run Sheet

1st-Jon Sorg
2nd-Paige Villemure
3rd-Mike Moll
3rd-Mary Spitler

Sportsman Eliminations Video *Semi-Finals & Finals*
Sportsman Eliminations Run Sheet

1st-Matt Ewing
2nd-Chad Louth
3rd-Scott Hegadorn

ATV Final Round Video
ATV Eliminations Ladder

1st-Angie Lirones
2nd-Morgan Villemure
3rd-Brendan Willis

Mighty Midgets
1st-Lauren Villemure
2nd-Avery Villemure
3rd-Emily Echols


Top Eliminator
1st-Brian Morgan
2nd-Nick Vanderputte
3rd-Ted Lirones

Top Eliminator Qualifying & Eliminations Video
Top Eliminator Run Sheet

Round One Eliminations
Nick Vanderputte (W) 3.105 .060 def. Ted Lirones 3.150 .087
Brian Morgan (W) 3.190 .261 Bye

Final Round
Brian Morgan (W) 3.127 .016 def. Nick Vanderputte 3.182 .106

Final Qualifying Order
1. Brian Morgan 3.165
2. Nick Vanderputte 3.333
3. Ted Lirones NT

Pro 1
1st-Charlie Willis
2nd-Jim Brantley
3rd-Carley Jackson

Pro 1 Final Round Video
Pro 1 Eliminations Run Sheet

1st-Randi Lynn Vsetula
2nd-John Schultz
3rd-Gretchen Wagner
3rd-Mike Mead

Sportsman Final Round Video
Sportsman Eliminations Ladder

1st-Shawn Roth
2nd-Hopper McKernan
3rd-Steve Kaupa

ATV Eliminations Ladder

WMSD/ISD Point Series Winners
1. Jim Brantley
2. Charlie Willis

1. Brad Adams
2. Stephanie Roth

1. John Schultz
2. Mike Moll

1. Shawn Roth
2. Brad Adams

NSDN will be at Ionia Sand Drags in Ionia, MI for the Double Header event on Saturday, September 25. The event starts out with Test and Tune as well as a Gambler's Race on Friday night. Our normal NSDN Daily Race Coverage and Live Updates will kick off on Saturday morning. This event will feature two complete races in one day. Be sure to check the left sidebar for up to the minute updates from the track. This NSDN Daily Race Coverage is courtesy of Ionia Sand Drags . Check back throughout the weekend for the latest from this event.

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