The 2009 NSDA series completed its second race of the season in Yuma, AZ with some awesome racing on eliminations day. A first time Top Fuel winner emerged with Shane Switzer taking the win over first time TF finalist Matt Ludlow. Nick Januik won his first NSDA Top Alcohol class title over 2008 class champion Mike DeNunzio. Billy Morris scored his second NSDA Top Eliminator class victory defeating Larry Snow in the final round. Pro Bracket class winners on the day were Mike Erwin (Pro 1), Steve Anthony (Pro 2), Charlie Johnson (Pro 3), Brooks Ryan (Motorcycle Pro 1), and Joey Weaver (Motorcycle Pro 2).

Top Fuel

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET/MPH RT)
Shane Switzer (W) 2.423/164.21 .196 Bye
Jeff Janoe (W) 2.597/161.44 .406 def. Dennis Rieck NT-Broke
Matt Ludlow (W) 2.346/NS .101 def. Scott Whipple 2.426/138.67 .081
Geoff Gill (W) 2.373/159.18 .158 def. Marcus Norris 2.782/NS .170

Round Two Eliminations
Shane Switzer (W) 2.470/NS .100 def. Jeff Janoe 2.496/145.65 .081
Matt Ludlow (W) 2.553/159.80 .088 def. Geoff Gill 2.529/155.69 .134

Final Round
Shane Switzer (W) 2.479/164.21 .088 def. Matt Ludlow 2.654/147.01 .109

Top Fuel Highlight Video

Top Alcohol

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET/MPH RT)
Gary Mink (W) 2.422/132.48 .080 def. Jim Hammond NT-Broke
Mike DeNunzio (W) 2.504/139.47 .001 def. Shane Sanford 2.717/NS .147
Craig Sines (W) 2.981/NS -.238 def. Dan Allen NT-Stage Foul
Nick Januik (W) 2.522/137.85 .071 def. Scott Carroll NT .105

Round Two Eliminations
Mike DeNunzio (W) 3.174/75.29 .104 def. Gary Mink 2.499/NS -.362
Nick Januik (W) 2.562/136.20 .066 def. Craig Sines 2.849/NS .006

Final Round
Nick Januik (W) 2.509/137.67 .146 def. Mike DeNunzio NT-Broke

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Top Eliminator

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
Frank Prock (W) 3.163 .155 def. Leon Januik 3.036 .538
Paul Taylor (W) 2.984 .139 def. Jim Rossi 3.012 .182
Larry Snow (W) 3.013 .063 def. Eddie Arant 3.268 .189
Mike Erwin (W) 3.112 .083 def. Mark Punos 3.097 -.017
Bob Gill (W) 4.495 .321 def. Paul Graham NT-Broke
Art Cronin (W) 3.303 .524 def. Rebecca Barlow NT-Broke
Billy Morris (W) 3.259 .042 def. Terry Crawford NT .247
Tiffany Januik (W) 3.173 .084 def. Ralph Switzer 4.502 .266

Round Two Eliminations
Frank Prock (W) 3.389 .167 def. Paul Taylor NT-Stage Foul
Larry Snow (W) 3.043 .108 def. Bob Gill 3.176 .169
Art Cronin (W) 3.018 .174 def. Mike Erwin 3.494 .069
Billy Morris (W) 3.060 .070 def. Tiffany Januik 3.147 .024

Round Three Eliminations
Larry Snow (W) 5.359 .118 def. Frank Prock NT-Stage Foul
Billy Morris (W) 3.269 .139 def. Art Cronin NT-Broke

Final Round
Billy Morris (W) 3.593 .085 def. Larry Snow 3.674 .424

Top Eliminator Highlight Video

Pro 1
1st-Mike Erwin
2nd-Tracy Malan
3rd-Todd Randolph
3rd-Bill Swim
Eliminations Page 1

Pro 2
1st-Steve Anthony
2nd-Donnie Burns
3rd-Nick Schulzman
Eliminations Page 1

Pro 3
1st-Charlie Johnson
2nd-Fran McKinney
3rd-Carlos Carrasco
Eliminations Page 1

Motorcycle Pro 1
1st-Brooks Ryan
2nd-Ryan Winkle
3rd-Ron Garnas
3rd-Mark Ratliff
Eliminations Page 1

Motorcycle Pro 2
1st-Joey Weaver
2nd-Rob Winkle
3rd-Garrett Ratliff
3rd-Scott Kinney
Eliminations Page 1

Top Dog Junior Dragsters
1st-T. Graham
2nd-Elli Carroll
Eliminations Page 1


Day one of racing action is complete in Yuma, AZ for NSDA’s second point series race of the season. Shane Switzer collected his first NSDA TF #1 qualifying spot, running a 2.360 in the final session of the day. Gary Mink (Top Alcohol) and Leon Januik (Top Eliminator) lead their respective classes into race day. Other winners from Saturday were Clayton Record (Pro Mod), Jose Beas (Pro Index), Carlos Carrasco (Sportsman 1), Justin Taylor (Sportsman 2), Rob Winkle (Motorcycle Sportsman 1), and Mark Ratcliff (Motorcycle Sportsman 2).

Top Fuel

Final Qualifying Order
1. Shane Switzer 2.360/165.68
2. Geoff Gill 2.376/154.35
3. Scott Whipple 2.382/151.94
4. Jeff Janoe 2.505/140.18
5. Dennis Rieck 2.551/115.48
6. Matt Ludlow 2.559/134.87
7. Marcus Norris 2.652/NS

Qualifying Notes
- Shane Switzer netted his first NSDA TF #1 Qualifying spot with a great 2.360 in the final session of the day.
- Geoff Gill ran Low ET of the first qualifying session with a 2.43, then improved to a 2.376 in the final session.
- Scott Whipple fresh off racing a stint in the SCORE Desert race earlier in the day, made it in time for the final qualifying session and ran a 2.382 for the #3 spot on the ladder.
- Jeff Janoe ran Low ET of the second qualifying session with a 2.56 after running his best of the day in round one with a 2.50.
- Marcus Norris completed his NSDA Top Fuel licensing process and ran a 2.65 in the second qualifying round.

Saturday TF Highlight Video

Top Alcohol
Final Qualifying Order
1. Gary Mink 2.468/137.76
2. Dan Allen 2.484/NS
3. Nick Januik 2.497/138.60
4. Mike DeNunzio 2.497/134.29
5. Shane Sanford 2.594/NS
6. Scott Carroll 2.612/NS
7. Craig Sines 2.685/NS
8. Jim Hammond 24.181/110.30

Qualifying Notes

- Gary Mink backed up his performance at the Season Opener with a great 2.468 to qualify #1.
- Dan Allen ran a nice 2.48 to put the Lucas Oil TA entry in the #2 position.
- Nick Januik ran his best qualifying pass of a 2.497 in the opening qualifying round, which was Low ET for that session.
- Mike DeNunzio made his first trip into the 2.4 second zone with the Low ET of the second session at a 2.497.

Saturday TA Highlight Video

Top Eliminator
Final Qualifying Order
1. Leon Januik 2.964
2. Art Cronin 2.974
3. Terry Crawford 2.999
4. Larry Snow 3.022
5. Bob Gill 3.037
6. Ralph Switzer 3.042
7. Mark Punos 3.043
8. Jim Rossi 3.043
9. Paul Taylor 3.046
10. Mike Erwin 3.083
11. Tiffany Januik 3.094
12. Paul Graham 3.103
13. Eddie Arant 3.228
14. Billy Morris 3.400
15. Rebecca Barlow 64.999

16. Frank Prock NT

17. Lori Ketron 3.304-Broke

Saturday TE Highlight Video

Pro Mod
1st-Clayton Record
2nd-Bob Gill
Eliminations Page 1

Pro Index
1st-Jose Beas
2nd-Mike Erwin
3rd-Justin Adamson
3rd-Wes Johnson
Eliminations Page 1

Sportsman 1
1st-Carlos Carrasco
2nd-Frank Griffin
3rd-Kevin Erwin
3rd-Larry Brown
Eliminations Page 1
Eliminations Page 2

Sportsman 2
1st-Justin Taylor
2nd-Tom Cox
3rd-Tommy Mommer
Eliminations Page 1

Motorcycle Sportsman 1
1st-Rob Winkle
2nd-Ryan Winkle
3rd-Garrett Ratliff
Eliminations Page 1

Motorcycle Sportsman 2
1st-Mark Ratliff
2nd-Scott Kinney
3rd-Michael Dalton
3rd-Garrett Ratliff
Eliminations Page 1


The National Sand Drag Association (NSDA) continues on in 2009 with is second event of the season in Yuma, AZ March 14-15. NSDN will be on-site with all of the latest news and results from this event. NSDN’s Daily Race Coverage is brought to you by Heavy Metal/2 Dolla’ Bill Racing/Chittenden Motorsports and Gill Bettencourt Racing. The weekend kicks off on Saturday with qualifying in the heads-up categories and Sportsman class race action for the bracket racers. Check back throughout the weekend for all the latest from this event.

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