The first race of the 2009 NSDA series is complete after a great weekend of racing at the Cocopah Casino & Resort in Yuma, AZ. Defending NSDA Top Fuel champ Scott Whipple stayed on top of the pack with a win in the Top Fuel class. Gary Mink finished off a perfect weekend with a Top Alcohol class win to accompany his Top Alcohol ET World Record. Tiffany Januik emerged victorious in the ultra competitive Top Eliminator category. Winners in other Sunday competition were Craig Durning (Pro 1), Todd Kinney (Pro 2), Jose Beas (Pro 3), Ryan Winkle (Motorcycle Pro 1), and Brad Deforest (Motorcycle Pro 2).

Top Fuel

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
Geoff Gill (W) 2.348/151.83 .143 Bye
Scott Whipple (W) 2.377/148.35 .143 Bye
Shane Switzer (W) 2.886/124.98 def. Dennis Rieck NT-Broke
Jeff Janoe (W) 2.884/NS  def. Rick Stewart NT- Broke

Round Two Eliminations
Geoff Gill (W) 2.394/154.89 .093 def. Jeff Janoe 2.791/105.14 .136
Scott Whipple (W) 2.458/159.13 .039 def. Shane Switzer 2.453/165.38 .177

Final Round
Scott Whipple (W) 2.352/157.78 .126 def. Geoff Gill 2.501/149.96 .103

Top Fuel Highlight Video

Top Alcohol

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
Gary Mink (W) 2.425/138.98 .126 Bye
Jim Hammond (W) 2.652/134.25 .039 def. Mike DeNunzio 2.688/132.02 .051
Nick Januik (W) 2.511/139.43 .124 def. Pedro Villa 2.766/126.17 .093
Dan Allen (W) 2.637/NS .096 def. Scott Carroll 2.675/138.62 .228

Round Two Eliminations
Gary Mink (W) 2.411/NS .065 def. Jim Hammond 2.730/135.48 .039
Nick Januik (W) 2.516/138.47 .069 def. Dan Allen 2.521/146.73 .107

Final Round
Gary Mink (W) 2.403/132.58 .080 def. Nick Januik 2.647/135.62 -.011

Top Alcohol Highlight Video

Top Eliminator

Round Two Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
Leon Januik (W) 2.885 .075 def. Jim Rossi 3.349 -.324
Tiffany Januik (W) 2.975 .056 def. Billy Morris 3.119 .047
Larry Snow (W) 3.050 .100 def. Mark Punos 3.089 .150
Lori Ketron (W) 3.043 -.026 Bye

Round Three Eliminations
Tiffany Januik (W) 2.962 .070 def. Leon Januik 2.868 .121
Larry Snow (W) 3.086 .084 def. Lori Ketron 3.091 -.140

Final Round
Tiffany Januik (W) 2.990 .050 def. Larry Snow 3.047 .053

Top Eliminator Highlight Video

Pro 1
1st-Craig Durning
2nd-Tommy Zavala
3rd-Todd Randolph
Eliminations Page 1

Pro 2
1st-Todd Kinney
2nd-Tommy Zavala
3rd-Charlie Johnson
Eliminations Page 1

Pro 3
1st-Jose Beas
2nd-Charlie Johnson
3rd-Lara Wright
Eliminations Page 1

Motorcycle Pro 1
1st-Ryan Winkle
2nd-Rob Winkle
3rd-Heather Taylor
Eliminations Page 1

Motorcycle Pro 2
1st-Brad Deforest
2nd-Mark Ratliff
3rd-Joey Weaver
3rd-Rob Winkle
Eliminations Page 1

Top Dog Junior Dragsters
1st-Brandon Wright
2nd-A. Wright
3rd-Austin Ratcliff
Eliminations Page 1


Day two of the NSDA Winter Nationals in Yuma, AZ was another record setting day in the sport of sand drag racing. Geoff Gill, driving the Gill Bettencourt Motorsports dragster, broke the TF World Record with a 2.284 backed up by a 2.316. Gary Mink held on to the top qualifying spot in Top Alcohol while Leon Januik ran a perfect 2.950 for the pole in Top Eliminator. The day’s other winners were Steve Anthony (Sportsman 1), Jim Clark (Sportsman 2), Ryan Winkle (Motorcycle Sportsman 1), and Brad Deforest (Motorcycle Sportsman 2).

Top Fuel

Final Qualifying Order
1. Geoff Gill 2.284/161.67
2. Scott Whipple 2.338/159.06
3. Shane Switzer 2.386/163.87
4. Jeff Janoe 2.498/NS
5. Rick Stewart 2.698/NS
6. Dennis Rieck 2.763/120

Qualifying Notes
- Geoff Gill set the new TF record with a 2.284 in Q3 backed up by a 2.316 in Q4.
- Scott Whipple ran a solid 2.340 in Q3, then had an uncharacteristic 2.881 in the final session.
- Dennis Rieck had a big explosion in the final qualifying session that will put him out for the weekend.

Saturday TF Highlight Video

Top Alcohol
Final Qualifying Order
1. Gary Mink 2.404/NS
2. Nick Januik 2.420/NS
3. Dan Allen 2.471/NS
4. Jim Hammond 2.604/126.43
5. Mike DeNunzio 2.615/141.07
6. Scott Carroll 2.732/127.57
7. Pedro Villa 2.8701/116.23

Qualifying Notes

- Gary Mink ran Low ET of qualifying session three with a 2.407/142.68 pass.
- Nick Januik ran Low ET of a troubled final qualifying session for the TA class with a 2.584/132.68 run.
- Dan Allen ran a nice 2.471 in Q3 to put himself solidly into the show.

Saturday TA Highlight Video

Top Eliminator
Round One Eliminations
Jim Rossi (W) 2.976 .185 def. Paul Taylor 3.088 .092
Billy Morris (W) 3.352 .067 def. Bob Gill 4.564 .046
Tiffany Januik (W) 2.972 .042 def. Paul Graham 3.371 .068
Lori Ketron (W) 3.009 .205 def. Mike Erwin 3.367 .085
Mark Punos (W) 3.116 -.038 def. Terry Crawford 3.256 -.129
Larry Snow (W) 3.153 .087 def. Bob Snow 2.933 .164
Leon Januik (W) 3.681 .612 Bye

Final Qualifying Order
1. Leon Januik 2.950
2. Lori Ketron 2.956
3. Terry Crawford 2.965
4. Billy Morris 2.973
5. Paul Graham 2.980
6. Bob Snow 2.992
7. Jim Rossi 2.996
8. Paul Taylor 3.008
9. Larry Snow 3.022
10. Tiffany Januik 3.034
11. Bob Gill 3.042
12. Mark Punos 3.050
13. Mike Erwin 3.988

Saturday TE Highlight Video

Pro Mod
1st-Bob Gill
2nd-Francisco Anaya
Eliminations Page 1

Pro Index
1st-Justin Adamson
2nd-Todd Kinney
3rd- Charlie Johnson
Eliminations Page 1

Sportsman 1
1st-Steve Anthony
2nd-Phil Soper
3rd-Kevin Erwin
Eliminations Page 1

Sportsman 2
1st-Jim Clark
2nd-Justin Taylor
Eliminations Page 1

Motorcycle Sportsman 1
1st-Ryan Winkle
2nd-Rob Winkle
3rd-Brooks Ryan
Eliminations Page 1

Motorcycle Sportsman 2
1st-Brad Deforest
2nd-Rob Winkle
3rd-T. Graham
Eliminations Page 1


A great first day of racing is complete at the NSDA Winter Nationals in Yuma, AZ. The first day was a record setting one as Gary Mink drove his “Bad To The Bone” Top Alcohol Dragster to a new world record in the TA class with a 2.404. Needless to say, Gary is the low qualifier in that class after day one. Scott Whipple (Top Fuel) and Lori Ketron (Top Eliminator) were the other low qualifiers in the heads-up classes after early round qualifying. Charlie Johnson (Pro Bonus) and Phil Soper (Sport Bonus) were the bracket class winners on the day.

Top Fuel

Qualifying Order (After 2 Sessions)
1. Scott Whipple 2.338/159.06
2. Geoff Gill 2.369/NS
3. Shane Switzer 2.386/163.87
4. Jeff Janoe 2.498/NS
5. Rick Stewart 2.698/NS
6. Dennis Rieck 2.763/120

Qualifying Notes
- Scott Whipple makes a solid 2.338 pass in his new dragster.
- Geoff Gill made a smooth 2.369 run to end up #2 for the day.
- Shane Switzer had a huge top end charge on a great looking 2.386 run.
- Jeff Janoe made nice, clean run with the front end hiked up through the lights, tripping the finish line on the back tires.
- Rick Stewart had a wild, wheels up run, also tripping the finish line on the rear tires to a 2.698.
- Dennis Rieck did not attempt a pass in the second session.

Friday TF Highlight Video

Top Alcohol
Qualifying Order (After 2 Sessions)
1. Gary Mink 2.404/NS
2. Nick Januik 2.420/NS
3. Jim Hammond 2.604/126.43
4. Mike DeNunzio 2.652/126.65
5. Scott Carroll 2.780/NS

Qualifying Notes

- Gary Mink set a new TA World Record with a 2.404 pass that was backed up by his 2.428 in the first session. Not bad for Gary’s first race with a new Hemi combination between the frame rails.
- Jim Hammond laid down a clean 2.604 for his best pass with the new April’s Dream car.
- Scott Carroll tripped the finish line beams with the back tires, carrying a big wheel stand past the finish line.
- Dan Allen could not get his car started in time for his qualifying pass, but when he was able to get the car fired up ran a great 2.424.

Friday TA Highlight Video

Top Eliminator
Qualifying Order After 2 Sessions
1. Lori Ketron 2.959
2. Terry Crawford 2.965
3. Paul Graham 2.980
4. Bob Snow 2.992
5. Leon Januik 3.011
6. Larry Snow 3.022
7. Mark Punos 3.050
8. Tiffany Januik 3.070
9. Jim Rossi 3.084
10. Paul Taylor 3.094
11. Bob Gill 3.130
12. Billy Morris 2.865

Friday TE Highlight Video

Pro Bonus
1st-Charlie Johnson
2nd-Rocky Randolph
Eliminations Sheet Page 1

Sport Bonus
1st-Phil Soper
2nd-Jim Clark
Eliminations Sheet Page 1

Top Fuel
Qualifying Order (After 1 Session)
1. Scott Whipple 2.417/137
2. Jeff Janoe 2.618/NS
3. Dennis Rieck 2.763/120
4. Geoff Gill NT-Broke

Qualifying Notes
- Scott Whipple debuts a new car to him, an ex-Yankees sponsored NHRA TF dragster driven by Mike Dunn, and runs a solid 2.417 shutting off slightly early.
- Jeff Janoe made a clean 2.61 lap in the JWJ dragster
- Dennis Rieck had some cylinders out on a troubled 2.76 pass.
- Geoff Gill had problems at the hit on his attempt in the first session.

Top Alcohol
Qualifying Order (After 1 Session)
1. Nick Januik 2.420
2. Gary Mink 2.428
3. Mike DeNunzio 3.579
4. Jim Hammond 6.772

Qualifying Notes
- Nick Januik and Gary Mink both ran their best ever ET’s with flawless 2.42 passes in the session.
- Mike DeNunzio made it to about half track on his first pass in the ex-Scott Whipple Top Fuel chassis. The same drivetrain that took Mike to the 2008 NSDA TA Championship was transplanted into the Top Fuel ET record holding chassis.
- Jim Hammond had problems at the hit on his run.

Top Eliminator
Qualifying Order After 1 Session
1. Lori Ketron 2.959
2. Bob Snow 2.992
3. Leon Januik 3.011
4. Mark Punos 3.050
5. Tiffany Januik 3.070
6. Paul Taylor 3.094
7. Larry Snow 3.110
8. Jim Rossi 3.129
9. Bob Gill 3.130
10. Paul Graham 3.235
11. Billy Morris 2.865
12. Terry Crawford 2.83


heavymetal.jpg The National Sand Drag Association (NSDA) kicks off its third full season of racing in Yuma, AZ February 13-15. NSDN will be on-site with all of the latest news and results from this season opening event. NSDN’s Daily Race Coverage of the NSDA Season Opener is brought to you by the National Sand Drag Association and Heavy Metal/2 Dolla’ Bill Racing and Chittenden Motorsports. The weekend kicks off on Friday February 13 with opening round qualifying in the heads-up categories and Bonus race action for the bracket racers. Check back throughout the weekend for all the latest from this event.

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